Sierra Club :: Knowledge Cards

Pomegranate's Knowledge Cards® include a photo or question on one side and a thoughtful answer on the reverse. Each deck has 48 cards and is printed on recycled paper.

Helping Animals: Things You Can Do to Support and Protect Wild and Domestic Critters; A Quiz Deck
$9.95 (SC0128)
Why We Need Bees, Beetles, Urchins, and Worms: A Quiz Deck on Beneficial Invertebrates
$9.95 (SC0127)
Wilderness Heroes: Extraordinary People Who Have Saved America's Wild Places; A Quiz Deck
$9.95 (SC0126)
Talking Trash: Everything You Need to Know About Garbage, from Rot to Recycling Knowledge Cards
$9.95 (SC0125)
Howling at the Moon: A Quiz Deck on Animal Communication
$9.95 (SC0123)
The EcoQuiz Deck: How Much Do You Know About Shrinking Your Ecological Footprint?
$9.95 (SC0120)
What in the World Am I? An Endangered Species Quiz Deck
$9.95 (SC0121)
Urban Wildlife: Fascinating Facts About Birds, Beasts, and Bugs in Your Neighborhood Knowledge Cards
$9.95 (SC0119)
Animal & Bird Tracks Knowledge Cards
$9.95 (SC0103)
Granite Gourmet: Trail-Tested Recipes for Backpacking Adventures Knowledge Cards
Price: $9.95
Sale: $4.97 (SC0116)
How Much Silk Can a Spider Spin in a Day? A Quiz Deck on Amazing Things That Happen in 24 Hours Knowledge Cards
$9.95 (SC0117)
Air: An Environmental Quiz Deck
Price: $9.95
Sale: $4.97 (SC0115)
Water: An Environmental Quiz Deck
Price: $9.95
Sale: $4.97 (SC0114)
How Many? A Quiz Deck of Numbers in Nature
Price: $9.95
Sale: $4.97 (SC0113)
Speaking of Nature Knowledge Cards
Quotations from Poets, Outlaws, Environmentalists, Naturalists, and Other Keen Observers
Price: $9.95
Sale: $4.97 (SC0112)
Trees Knowledge Cards
$9.95 (SC0111)
Save the Planet Knowledge Cards
Tips for Saving Energy & Ecosystems, Water & Wildlife
$9.95 (SC0109)
Wilderness Survival Skills Knowledge Cards
$9.95 (SC0107)
Where in the World Are You? Knowledge Cards
$9.95 (SC0106)
What's the Difference? Knowledge Cards
Subtle Distinctions in Nature
$9.95 (SC0105)
Baby Animals Knowledge Cards
$9.95 (SC0101)
Extreme Nature Knowledge Cards
The Highest, Deepest, Widest, Smallest, Heaviest, and Fastest Places and Living Things
$9.95 (SC0100)
Endangered Places: A Quiz Deck
$9.95 (SC0129)